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About XML Sitemap Generator

An xml sitemap generator is an important seo tool for bringing traffic to your website. Any website that does not have a sitemap is an incomplete site. Visitors and search engines track the website with the help of an xml sitemap. Apart from this, it becomes very easy for the crawler to crawl the website. As they pave the path for all of the web pages. Eventually, this helps crawlers for indexing the website. Xml sitemap is of great importance, as it is not only applicable to google but other search engines bots also access the website by the help of it.

How to create a sitemap

Creating a sitemap requires a lot of coding process. Different algorithms are considered for the proper generation of an xml sitemap. Obviously, this demands a lot of time and hard work. Seo tools check has made it easy for you to generate a sitemap. By providing a little information related to your website you can build your website’s xml sitemap. This process is completed in few seconds. All of this work is done by the help of a sitemap generating tool.

What is a sitemap

As the name indicates, a sitemap is a website map or structure that delivers the best possible way for the crawlers and search engines to access the website. It is a micro – level view thus can’t be interpreted by the normal site viewer. If you build your sitemap in an absolute manner, then it will act as a guide map for the visitors. All of the web pages of your website are linked, giving access to the visitor’s to navigate the other web pages of your site. Search engines also get an idea about how frequently your website has been updated.

Free sitemap generator

For those website which have less web pages, generating xml sitemap is not an uphill task.

Sitemap can be created in different languages like html sitemap, php sitemap etc. Those websites, which have more than eighty web pages, it is difficult for a person to generate sitemaps manually. For them, xml sitemap generator is the best option. This seo tool has been made user friendly so, anyone can use this tool. even if they don’t have a strong background of html coding.

Create free xml sitemap

Seo tools check creates sitemap as per the requirements of google. Considering all of the essential features described in the google guide, our free XML Sitemap Generator tool create sitemaps for your website. For making it more optimize for you, we generate those sitemaps which matches the guide of other search engines and let other bots to crawl too. Follow these easy steps and create a sitemap for your website. Paste your site URL and set the options according to your website requirements.

Change frequency box: This box relates the frequency by which you update your site’s content. In other words, how frequently your website’s content changes.

Default priority box: set the priority of specific pages by using the dropdown menu.

So, make your website search engines buddy by using Free sitemap generator tool.

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