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About www Redirect Checker

With the help of this redirect checker tool you can check and verify whether your web site URL is search engine friendly or not. In case, you fail to set up the search engine friendly redirect then, a lot of chances are there that you will lose the traffic on your website. This is an important tool from Seo point of view. Most of the bloggers need to set up the redirect that should be the search engines friendly. So, to help the bloggers and website owners this redirect checker is the most valuable tool for them.

What is the www redirect checker

Talked enough about the redirect checker tool? Still have no idea what it is all about? Here you got the answer! Most of the time when we load a page it shows 301 redirect. 301 redirect is implemented when you move from one address to a new one. To be more precise, if you modify your website and want that the visitor’s should know about it automatically that you implement 301 redirect. This 301 code

Automatically redirects them to the newly modified URL. With this you don’t lose your old visitors neither you lose the traffic to your website.

Importance of redirect

Redirect plays an important role in managing and bringing traffic to your websites. For instance, those web pages which have not set up a search engine friendly redirect, fails to hold the first position of serp. Losing your page rank is the most dreadful thing that could happen to an seo expert. So, to avoid this you must set up a redirect that engages traffic to your website. Mostly, the redirect can be seen in the form of 301 redirect while accessing the web page. With the perfectly set up redirects, search engine bots can easily trace your website.

Http redirect

Http 301 is used when the URL is permanently moved from the old one to the new URL. This usually happens when you move from http to https. This is the redirect to the permanent https. That is way more secure than the http response codes. As, ssl certification changes the http to https.

How to use www redirect checker tool

With its simplest functionality anyone can approach this redirect tool. Simply paste your site URL in the box and click on the submit button. This tools will then analyze whether your URL is search engine friendly or not. If it is then, the status bar will show good else it will display bad, meaning that your redirect is not search engine friendly. Status bar showing bad is a sign that you are on the verge of losing traffic and visitors from your site. To avoid this, you need to apply a search engine friendly redirect to your website. The benefit that you will gain by using this tool is that you will get a complete insight about your website traffic.  So, keep an eye on your website traffic by using this redirect checker tool.

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www Redirect Checker Tool