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About Word Counter

Word counter is an online word count tool. This free tool counts characters as well as words of your documents. Simply paste your content in the box and this tool will fetch the most accurate results in just few seconds. For the content writers it is important to keep check on the total words. Mostly they have a limit of words that should not exceed in the content. This free tool checks how many words have been used in the content and displays the result.

Why to use Word Counter

Keeping your content save on the browser base app is a bit risky. It may get deleted or hanging of the system may delays your work. For the fast writer’s online word counter is very helpful. It checks all of the words along with the character counting. Counting your content words requires a lot of time. It is not possible for the Seo experts to sit back and start counting words. Word count tool is here to save your time. Make your content an optimal one by using the best approach of counting words in the document.

Character counter online

Although the usage of internet is increasing day by day. Still, there are people who are unaware of its proper use. Most of them have no idea about how to count characters in word. Character counting has an important aspect in seo world. Meta description and meta titles are developed upon the total characters. So, without knowing the characters you can’t optimize your content for seo of web pages. To solve the issue Word Counter tool of seo tools check also has character counter assimilated within it.

An ideal approach to word counter

By using the latest approach word counter has lead the other word checker tool. MS-word also provide the feature of counting words of the document. But for using it you have to do some set up process. On the other hand, by using online word and character counter tool you can get the results within seconds. Seo tools check has made this tool completely free. All you have to do is to paste your content in the box. Accurate results will be displayed within seconds. Displaying the total number of words as well as the characters.

Features of word counter

Different sites are working as a word counter tool but these sites do not provide complete access to the tool. Some of them use sign up forms while other use access fees. Seo tools check is a platform that provide free access to the word counter tool. Along with this you can also check the character’s length in the document. Most websites check words up to a certain limit. May be from 400 to 600 words. Seo tools check provides the unlimited access for checking the words in the document. This premium word counter tool has been built to lessen the stress of academic and content writers by counting words and characters in seconds of time.

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