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Taking snapshots of website seems to be the hottest topic these days. Those who own blogs or are indulge in reporting services, taking screenshots are their primary concern. Screenshots helps in representing the layout, designs and features of web page in few seconds. You don’t need to scroll down the whole web page instead a whole picture of entire web page can save a lot of your time. Plenty of links and ppc campaigns runs on a webpage, avoiding clicking on those links is another big task these days. If you are on a hunt of viewing the web pages, then Website screenshot generator can be your helping hand.

Online Website Thumbnail & Screenshot Generator

This simple tool has been placed at seo tools check. Including all other essential seo tools, this tool is of great importance. It lets you to take a snapshot of web pages in few seconds. As responsive web designs are more in demand, this website screenshot generator takes a full page screenshot for you. With it responsive layout approach you can easily use it on cell phone and tablets too. A number of web services are providing screenshot generator tools, but these tools are not free to use. Limited features are available which doesn’t let a user to take a complete screenshot of website. At seo tools check this tools are totally free for its users. No hindrance of sign up and payment procedures, while using this tool. Furthermore, complete version of website screenshot generator tool is embedded in the website. With the integration of latest technology, this tool generates website screenshot’s in the blink of an eye. You can download your screenshots easily by clicking on the submit button.

How to get screenshot of a website

The ease of usability and its presenting features, makes it a user friendly tool. Simply paste your website URL and click on the submit button. Within seconds your website snapshot will appear. This tool creates the thumbnail of submitted webpage and display it in the form of screenshot. This the best and most suitable option for generating website screenshot free of any cost. With the downloading feature this tool has a sharp advantage over its competitors. Stay updated about the latest features of websites and blogs and use them for reporting and presentation purposes by saving their screenshots. This tool can save your time, you can generate as much screenshots as you want to, in just a little time. Apart from this, other essential seo tools are also functional at seo tools check. So visit seo tools check and use plenty of seo tools free of any cost.

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