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About Website Links Count Checker

For analyzing how many total links are connected to your website, Website links count checker tool is used. This tool is also essential for the seo experts. As it helps in analyzing the performance of the website. For making your website famous, it is essential to place various links on the web pages. For engaging a large number of traffic to your website, internal linking of the web pages helps a lot. Internal and external links acts as a backbone for securing a top position on the serps. Eventually, this technique makes your website famous in the eyes of search engine spiders too.

About Website links count checker

As the name indicates, Website links count checker acts as a counter for the links placed on web pages. This tool analyzes whole of the website and display the results accordingly. By using Website links count checker, you can easily inspect your web page performance. The more links you place on your web pages, the more traffic it will engage. Likewise, the more outbound links you generate, the more better rank your web page will achieve on serps. So, this Website links count checker tool can help you in understanding the overall performance of your website.

Importance of internal and external links

Internal links, basically link website’s web pages. They are a part of on page seo. There basic purpose is to keep the visitor engage to a website. As they navigate the visitor’s to other web pages of the same website. Secondly, internal links helps in creating the information hierarchy of a specific website. They also help in building a better rank and in spreading the link juice. So, without linking your web pages internally, you cannot optimize your website in a perfect manner.

External links as compared to the internal links, are used for targeting other domains. External links play an important role in link building of website. These are generated by placing backlinks. External links also spread the link juice but in a different way than internal links. For best practices of seo, you should generate plenty of backlinks for your website. As they enhance the popularity of web pages, they can harm the page rank of your competitor’s too. So consider using these two links for your web pages otherwise securing the top position of serps will not be possible.

How to use Website links count checker

Simply paste the url of web page you want to check the links of. Within seconds accurate results will be displayed in front of your eyes. In front of the submitted url, it will display total links that have connected with the specific web page. Apart from this, it will provide the number of internal and external links separately. This free tool provides a track of your efforts and struggles that you are putting while doing the seo of your website. Other than Website links count checker, other essential seo tools are also placed at seo tools check.

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