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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL rewriting tool is another fine tool, provided by seo tools check. This tool can help you in sorting out dynamic URL’s of web pages. With its exceptional and premium features, you can easily use this tool without any issue. Like all of the other tools, that has been placed on seo tools check, this tool is also free of any sign up costs. By using URL rewriting tool you can optimize your web page URL’s. Obviously, this will help in many ways, from indexing of your web pages to securing the top rank, this simple tool can be your best seo partner.

What is URL rewriting tool?

As the name itself indicates, this tool rewrites your website URL. The more simplified a website URL will be, the easier it will be to remember it. Most of the visitors don’t like a website if it has a complex URL. a complex URL is often called as a dynamic URL. Issues with dynamic URL is that they are very difficult to remember. Accessing website’s with dynamic URL becomes difficult, as a result, traffic of a website decreases. To cope with these issues, it is recommended that website owners and developers should use URL rewriting tool.

Why use URL rewriting tool?

This free seo tool has a lot of importance. As described, dynamic URL’s are difficult to remember. Another major issue with dynamic website url’s is that they get indexed by the search engine bots hardly. Not getting indexed by search engine bots is not a good notion for the seo experts and also for the website owners. Obviously, no one wants to rule out of the top position of serps. So basically, it is essential for an seo expert to check the URL of web pages before starting the seo of these pages. This rewrite tool, rewrites the dynamic url in just seconds. As a result, this URL rewriting tool generates a static url for the submitted web page url. A static url, as compared to the dynamic one is shorter in length and is also user friendly. So, it becomes easier to remember and access them. Other than this, search engine bots can easily index content of web page, having a static url. In this way, you can optimize the performance of your web page by using URL rewriting tool.

How to use URL rewriting tool?

 Simply paste the dynamic url of your web page and hit the submit button. It will generate two different static url’s depending on their type. Type one will be for Single Page URL, along with its .htaccess file. Second type will be for Directory Type URL, also with its .htaccess file. .Htaccess file is used for the configuration of the Apache Web Server software for permitting the functionality of generated url, that will be offered by Apache Web Server software. Generated url’s will also have an example url’s, categorizing them for better understanding. These premium features of this URL rewriting tool can take the website to the top ranking of serps.

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URL Rewriting Tool