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About URL Encoder / Decoder

URL encoder and decoder is another fine seo tool. This tool helps in building a URL that confirms the standards, specified by the URL (RFC 1738) compliant. Another fine seo tool, made available for the user’s convenience at seo tools check. Url encoding is also known as percentage encoding. The basic purpose of it, is to encode the url in certain characters that it becomes non readable for the humans. Basically, it is a way of encoding information into machine readable form only. So, if you want to manage the url in perfectly managed form, use URL encoder / decoder tool free of any hindrance.

Free Online Url Encoder / Url Decoder Tool

Url refers the users to a specific web address. There is a proper way of writing url. For writing url in a perfect format, it is essential to use small set of characters. With URL encoder / decoder tool you can easily check the standard of your url’s. If they are not according to format then, by using this tool you can easily encode them. User friendly url’s have a lot of significance. The easier a url will be in understanding, higher chances of attaining a top rank on serps will be.

How URL encoder / decoder works?

As the name indicates, this tool works as an encoder as well as a decoder. A url is composed of the reserved and non-reserved characters. Only unreserved characters should be encoded. These unreserved characters are alphabets rages from a to z, including 0 to 9 numbers along with some other characters i.e. -_~.  While encoding an information, it replaces the unallowable or unreserved characters. Unallowable characters are mostly replaced by the % sign along with two additional hexadecimal values. After getting the encoded url, a user can easily understand which characters are should be replaced. In this way, you can easily make your website url up to the demand. Unicode characters are not easily understandable. By encoding the url, it becomes easy for the servers to comprehend what the url is all about. Decoding works opposite to the encoding. In encoding, the message is turned in to a form that cannot be perceived by the humans. While in decoding, the message is made into a form that it can easily be read by the humans. This simple URL encoder / decoder gives a new approach to the seo experts.

How to use URL encoder / decoder

With its super easy approach anyone can use this tool without any hindrance. All you need to do is to paste a string that you want to encode or decode and hit the submit button. After carefully analyzing, accurate result will be displayed in front of you. So, get the most out of this URL encoder / decoder tool and modify your url’s in the right way.

Why URL encoder / decoder important in seo?

This tool has a lot of significance for the seo experts. It helps the servers in understanding. Also, encoded url’s are important when the website owner is dealing with the web forms.

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URL Encoder or Decoder tool