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About Server Status Checker

With plenty of other seo tools, Server status checker has also been placed for your convenience at seo tools check. This tool can be the most favorite in the eyes of webmasters. On the other hand, it can also bring dreadful result for the web masters. It lets the web masters to analyze the performance of their website. Somehow you can also judge the presence of malware on the website, if the results are not matching your efforts and struggles. Server status checker tool is used for checking the status of website.

About Server status checker

This free seo tool is used for inspecting the website status. Whether it is working fine by staying online on the server or not. If the status bar shows the offline value, then you should ponder on what is wrong being done by you during its modification. HTTP code and server status plays a vital role in identifying the performance of website. For securing the top most rank on search engines, it is essential to have the server status, blinking green depicting online. On contrary, the offline server status can become a nightmare for the seo experts and for the web masters as well.

How server status checker works?

 This free seo tool works by inspecting the submitted url’s in a proficient way. The more you update your web pages by publishing fresh and unique contents on regular basis, the easier it will be for you to attain an online server status of your website. This benefits the web masters in many ways. Firstly, traffic increases on your website. Secondly, it will also be liked by the search engine crawlers. So, stay updated about your website performance by using Server status checker.

Features of Server status checker

As described, this tool, apart from telling the server status also depicts the HTTP code. To understand what HTTP codes are, let’s get into the depth. These are the codes issued by the IETF internet standards. All of these codes have different meaning depicting different operations. Some of the famous HTTP server status codes are as follows:

  • 200, this HTTP code should be every web master aim. It depicts that your website is doing great. It is able to generate content in response to the submitted url.
  • 301, this HTTP code shoes that the url you are trying to reach has moved permanently.
  • 302, Found means the server has found a temporary redirection. This URL should be used again for the next time, since it is only temporary.
  • 307, this HTTP code has almost the same meaning like that of 302.
  • 400, Bad Request simply means that the server did not understand what you were looking for.
  • 401, this is one of the most seen HTTP code, that shows that the it is unauthorized to access the content.
  • 403, this shows that it is forbidden to use reach this server despite of the authentication.
  • 404, Not Found! Another common status code. Search engines need a 404 to know which URLs are valid and which aren’t.
  • 410, similar to 404.
  • 500 Internal Server Error.

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