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About Page Speed Checker

Being a website owner you won’t like to disappoint people in terms of your website loading speed. In this era of internet where we get distracted easily by the little things, may be a cute kid video grasp your attention, on the other hand we hate slow internet speed too. The moment pages take time to load because of the slow speed, majority of us leave that page or information because of the lack of patience. Obviously not a single website owner will like to lose his website visitors just because the website takes time to load. To avoid this, there is a need to keep check on the speed of website pages. For this, Page speed checker tool can help you in sorting out this issue.

What is Page speed checker tool?

This Page speed checker tool has been made for the website owners. This tool provides a detailed information about the speed of website. By performing the speed test online, you can get the results in few seconds. It delivers rich information, which can help you to enhance your website performance. Using heavy web page designing layout and templates reduce the speed of it. To avoid such case, modification in the website layout design is required. Without performing the speed test, you cannot modify your website layout.

How Page speed checker works?

Website speed can be analyzed in few seconds by using Page speed checker tool. The results it shows also reflects how fast is your internet speed. Using this tool is very simple. Just paste your website URL in the box and click on the submit button. After performing the website loading test and analyzing the speed it delivers a detailed summary of your website speed performance. Six different sections are made in which different information of web pages are placed. The very first segment contain URL of the website and the time taken to load it. It should be in seconds otherwise you will start losing traffic to your website. Second section displays the total links that have been found inside your website mainly containing CSS links, Script links and many other. From this onwards are the sections of above described links. Providing the URL of these links and the total load time. With this information you can get some detailed insides of your web pages speed, collectively defining the website speed.

How to reduce page speed of your website?

If somehow the results of page speed checker are not in your favor, then there is a need to perform some activities to improve the speed of your website. Most famous and result driven tips described by the web professionals are at your service. By reducing the size of css and script links and HTTP requests you can reduce the speed of web pages. Compressing the images file and allowing browse caching can also be helpful. Some plugins that you install on the website are of larger file size, which eventually slow down your website speed. So, using an alternate of these plugins which are of less size can be helpful too.

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