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About Page Size Checker

Without web pages, website looks incomplete. But somehow these web pages tend to reduce the speed of website. If your website takes more than 4 to 5 seconds in loading, then there are chances that you might lose a visitor. So, keeping up your website up to date by providing fresh and informative contents is an essential task for the web owners. Sometimes, because of the rich content containing a lot of images effects the speed of a web page. It is essential for the web owners to keep an eye on the performance of their websites by checking the speed and the size of web pages. For this purpose, Page size checker tool is used. It analyzes the entire website and fetch results accordingly.

About Page size checker

If you have a starter website and want to check the size of web pages, then this free page size checker tool can make it easy for you. Simply by pasting the website URL you can get the size of your web pages. This tool provides the size in bytes as well as in kilo bytes so that you can have a complete idea of your web pages. Pages with larger size are a reason to affect the loading speed of website. So, to be on the safer side you should keep a check on your site pages. This tool is free for use. Anyone can use it without worrying about the payment and sign up procedures. Seo tools check has made all of the seo tools totally free for its users. It provides the best user experience to your visitor’s by optimizing your web pages in such a way that they load in a lesser time. Somehow, this could also help in generating more traffic to your website too.

Things that makes up the page size

For bringing traffic to your website, you need to keep updating your web pages with fresh content. Contents on web pages contains a lot of elements. HTML script behind the web page is also a part of web page content. Apart from this, other embedded objects like images and videos are added into the content. These all things somewhat, become the reason of increasing the size of web pages eventually, slowing down the speed of a website. Web pages with larger sizes can go well until the length of HTML source file is little and coded in such a way to reduce the browser execution time.

Features of Page size checker

This tool starts page analyzing by performing in depth examination. Checking all of the web pages and then the files and contents they contain makes up the final result. The entire process is done on the basis of real web browsers. It also monitors the resolution and analyze the screen size and fetch results accordingly. Develop results in such a way that minimizes the exception and delivers a clear data about the size of web pages. All of the testing tools that makes up this software have latest version assimilated within them.

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