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About Page Authority Checker

For predicting how well a page can rank on search engines, Page authority checker tool is used. All of the seo experts’ stresses on securing the first rank on search engines. Seo main game revolves around the ranking and positioning of web pages. For checking whether the process of seo is going well or not Page authority checker tool is used. This tool lets you to check how well a specific page is doing. The predictive results of this seo tool can help you in a way to improve the page performance.

How Page authority checker tool works?

It works simply by checking how famous a specific web page is. This tool is developed by the moz with the basic functionality of checking and predicting the rank of specific web page. It specifies the predictive rank of web pages on the scale of 0 to 100. As the score of this scale increases, the rank and positon of the web page will get better. These scores can fluctuate with time to time depending on the performance and the seo of web pages. So, if you want to check how well you are putting your efforts into your website then this free Page authority checker tool is the right option.

How pages are ranked?

This fight of ranking web pages on the top positon of search engines is never going to end. Pages are ranked by doing seo in the right manner. Steps that makes up the whole seo process Includes on page and off page optimization. Once you are done with the on page optimization. The whole game depends on strong backlinks. Strong backlinks act as an elevator that elevates web pages to the serps. These backlinks somehow, makes up the Page authority. The more stable backlinks your web page will have, more chances are there that your web page will achieve a higher rank.

How to use Page authority checker?

Seo tools check has made all of its seo tools user friendly. Anyone who is new to the seo world can use them without any hurdle. Simply paste your web page URL in the box and click on the submit button. What makes this tool best, is that you can enter URL’s in a bulk quantity. Add up to 20 of the web page URL’s and get the results in few seconds. Remember, the results are based on predictive analysis. It predicts how better your web page can rank to the search engines. To add more, not only Page authority checker but also all the other seo tools are free of any sign up forms and payment procedures.

How to optimize your web page rank?

Different ways are used for securing a better rank on the search engines. Few tips that could be used for enhancing for web page rank are at your service. Always use fresh content for your web pages. Fresh content fetches a lot of traffic. Likewise, using images and proper internal and external links are also a way for elevating the page rank.

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