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About Link Price Calculator

Looking for a way to earn through ppc campaigns? Want to calculate the link price of your website? Here is an exceptional seo tool, that can help you in sorting out this issue. Link price calculator, unlike the financial calculators, is an seo tool. It is used for checking and analyzing the price of your website links. As the trend of earning through website’s is increasing day by day, different methods and tools are developing for the website owners. These tools help the website owners in knowing the important facts about their website links. Link price calculator falls under the category of these tools too.

How Link price calculator works?

This tool has some specific calculator feature within it. This feature takes into the consideration of major factors that builds up the link. These factors that strengthens the link are backlinks, alexa rank, page rank and many other too. By carefully calculating these factors, Link price calculator builds up the final price of the link. Thus, this shows that, for increasing the value of your link, you should enhance the performance of your webpages. This could only by possible by publishing fresh and unique content on the web pages.

Advantage of Link price calculator

This tool can be beneficial for both, the website owners and the marketers. As for advertising purpose, ppc campaigns are run on the web pages. So, for ppc campaigns, Link price calculator can also be helpful. For running these campaigns on your links, you must be aware of how much you should charge for the link ads. This method can pave the ways of earning through website links. So, know the value of your link by using Link price calculator. Likewise, Link price calculator is also used by the web service providers. If you want to sell your web link then, before selling you should know the actual price of it. A little less price can cause a lot of damage. So, to be on the safer side, it is recommended to use Link price calculator before selling. On contrary, if you want to buy a web link, then using this tool is a good approach. Higher estimated price of a web link shows that the web link has been optimized in a rightly manner. Plenty of backlinks are used behind it which have enhanced its estimated price.

How to use Link price calculator

With its simple and comprehendible approach anyone can use it without any hindrance. All you have to do is to paste your web link and hit the submit button. After careful estimation, Link price calculator will display the results. All of this process takes no longer then few seconds. In front of the submitted link url, approximate price of the link will be displayed, while the currency unit being dollars. If you want to check the page rank and alexa rank of the submitted link, yourself, then, these tools are also placed at seo tools check. For yours on satisfaction check the alexa rank of the submitted url and decide the matter accordingly.

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