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About Link Analyzer

For building traffic to your website and enhancing your website rank, it is essential to link it with various other sources. Link analyzer tool is used for tracing the links that you have placed in your web pages. These links play a diversified role for boosting up your website performance. Link analyzer tool looks for all of the embedded links in your website. Keeping a track of all the embedded links is essential. If these links can generate traffic to your website, then they can also be an entry point for a malware.

Types of links in seo

In seo, links plays a defined role. They are two types of links internal and external. Likewise, do follow links and no follow links are also referred to be the category of internal and external links. Understanding internal links:

Internal links, as the name shows, links the website’s web pages. They are used for linking one web page with the other one. With the help of internal links, it is easy to hold visitors to your website for a longer period of time. Apart from this, internal links makes it easy for the search engine bots to indexed the website.

Understanding internal links:

On the other hand, external links, links the website’s web pages externally. More often this term is referred for backlinks. For ranking your website, backlinks are generated. These backlinks, links various sources to your website. Search engine bots also gets familiarized to your website with these backlinks. The more backlink you create for your web pages, the more famous your website becomes. Link analyzer tool acts as an analyzer of backlinks as well as internal links. Coming to the point of do follow and no follow links, these are also a type of links. Do follow links allows the search engine bots to follow the embedded links while the no follow disallows. Do follow links are of greater importance in seo. All of the indexing depends on do follow links. So, always try to place do follow links on your web pages.

How link analyzer tool works?

Link analyzer tool finds all of the links that have been placed within your website. In other words, it analyzed the whole website. By evaluating internal as well as external links, results are made and displayed. It analyzes the external links with the help of backlinks. These backlinks should be of do follow category. No follow links are of no use for the website ranking.

How to use link analyzer?

Simply paste your website URL and click on the submit button. Within seconds total counts of internal, external and no follow links will be displayed. Further below will be the URL’s of links in front of the no follow/ do follow section. All of the external, internal and no follow links URL’s are displayed for better understanding. The number of no follow links should be zero. if your website has a no follow link then, it needs modification. So, use this free link analyzer tool at seo tools check and keep a track of embedded links.

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