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About Keyword Density Checker

The process of seo starts by doing keywords analysis. If the first step goes well, all of the next steps automatically goes well too. As the name indicates, this Keyword density checker tool checks the density of all the keywords that you have placed in your website’s content. Every seo expert is well aware of the importance of keywords. With this free keyword density checker, you get the complete idea of your web page performance. Likewise, with this tool you also get to know about the mistakes that you have made during the keywords analysis.

What Keyword density checker actually is?

It works by checking the percentage of a specific words or phrase, that how many times a specific keyword is used in the content of the web page. To make it more understandable, it analyzes the keywords that have been used in the content. By knowing the complete percentage of keywords, you can adjust and modify your content easily. Remember, the traffic to your website depends on the most searched keywords or phrases. So, if your keywords are not up to the demand, chances are there that a larger amount of traffic gets drop from your website. So, make your content up to the demand by using this free Keyword density checker tool.

Importance of Keyword density checker

The basic idea of using this tool is to know your keyword mistakes. To boost up your content as per the requirements of the search engines. The detailed result of used phrases and keywords helps you to avoid keyword stuffing. For getting away from keywords stuffing, keyword density checker can be your helping hand. This is the most sensitive method for an seo expert. Keyword stuffing can cause panelizing of your website by search engines. So, stay updated about your content by using this free seo tool and modify your content according to the demands of search engines.

How to use Keyword density checker

Anyone can use this tool with an ease. First enter the URL you want to check the keywords of. Check the tick boxes of meta tags, titles and alt titles. This will simplify the results. You can also paste the document for which you want to analyze the keywords density. Click on the submit button and within seconds results will be derived for you. These all results are generated by doing an in depth keywords analysis of the content.

Understanding the results

Understanding the results is an essential thing, without it, you can’t modify your mistakes. Total number of keywords that have been used in the content are displayed under the URL section. Below which, detailed columns are made, showing the results of keywords, their count and percentage. Count and percentage columns are displayed in an ascending order. The mostly used keywords will have the highest count along with the highest percentage. Some of the non-essential keywords that are displayed in the results should be removed to make the content up to the requirements of search engines.

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Keyword Density Checker Tool