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About Google Malware Checker

In this era of technology, where anything is evolving day by day, malware and spams are also getting stronger. Web services has made everything easily accessible through the internet. Likewise, malware and viruses gets access to the websites, making them infectious. Google malware checker is an anti-malware tool that helps its users to stay safe from various kind of viruses and spams. This tool has been developed by the google. It works for the website and other web services keeping them protected from malwares which otherwise can cause destruction. Various methods are used for injecting viruses and spams to a website. Without any notice these viruses run along with your website causing devastation.

How Google malware checker works?

This fine tool has been placed at seo tools check free of any cost. After providing the URL of your website, this tool transmits your website to the Google’s diagnostic browser. The final report is generated on the basis of suspicious activities that has been observed by the google crawler. Keeping your website safe from malwares is an essential thing. Without proper protection, your website can get attacked by various malwares. These malwares result in the malfunctioning of your website.

How websites are susceptible to malwares?

The basic question that can arise in anyone’s mind is how website are attacked by the malwares? Websites are easily susceptible to viruses and spams. More often, these malwares are transmitted into a specific website through comments. These are mostly known as spam comments or spam commenting. These comments have no value to the users and are added to a website, blog or forum for suspicious activity. Another famous method is through shortened links that leads to a potentially harmful place. By clicking on these links, chances are there that you may be redirected to a malicious place which can affect your web pages.  Emails and malicious software can also be a reason for the entry of infected viruses. These spywares and malwares are getting stronger because of the technology. Free malwares removal tools are used for protecting computers from these. But protecting a website is also a major concern. For this purpose, google has introduced its antivirus scanner tool for websites. This Google malware checker detects all of the suspicious activities with the help of its crawler. If any suspicious activity is observed on your website it will be appeared in the result box.

How to use Google malware checker

If you are worried about your website performance and protection then, use Google malware checker tool without any delay. Simple paste your website’s URL and click on the submit button. It will redirect you to the Google’s diagnostic browser. By doing a complete malware scanning, it will display results. If your website is protected, then current status will be off not dangerous. While if there are any kind of issues with your website then, the status will be different. So, stay updated about your website security and use this Google malware checker tool free of any payment procedures.

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