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About Google Cache Checker

After putting a lot of efforts into seo, the most favorite result for an seo expert is seeing his website being cached by the google crawler. Google cache checker is a free seo tool that helps you to check whether your web pages are cached or not. Getting cached by the google crawler is an essential thing. Without it, it is not possible to secure a rank on search engines. This requires a lot hard work. Some important things to follow are placing the unique and catchy content for modifying web pages according to the demands of search engines.

About google cache checker

This seo tool is developed by the google. The google bot, indexed the web pages on the basis of keywords that have been placed in the primary content. After indexing they store the web pages or cached them by taking snapshots. So when a user search for a specific keyword, results are displayed on the serp because of caching the web pages. Seeing your website not being cached by the google bot is the worst thing that could happened to an seo expert. With this Google cache checker tool, the owner of the website can keep a track, how often his website gets cached by the google bot.

How google cache works?

In term of computer sciences, cache is a storage system. Cache’s major function is to reduce the delay of transmitting the data from storage to the end user. In seo world, cache is more often referred as an address book or a phone book that keeps all of the numbers. The most often used numbers appeared first. In the same manner, google cache store the contents. Other than media files, it looks for the keywords including alt text of the images. When a person made a query on the search engine, it looks for the keywords that has been stored or indexed, if it matches with the indexed data results are displayed.

Importance of cached website

Without knowing the importance of google cache you cannot optimize your website. Google cache checker displays the results in form of the date when the crawler has visited a specific site and indexed it. So if your website has been indexed in the 24 hours or 48 hours of last updated then, this seems a good thing. The reason behind it is that the google bot somehow, likes your website and visits it often. On the other hand, if the dates of cached are pretty old then, it could be a dreadful thing for the website owner. The more google crawler likes your site, the more it makes visits on it. Eventually, it will be easy for your website to secure the first rank on serps. What makes your website the most favorite one for the google crawler?  It is the content and the way you place keywords in it. Unique and fresh content is liked by the crawlers. So use fresh content instead of spun content. So, stay updated about your website’s performance by using this free google cache checker tool.

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