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It is easy to get impressed by the front end of a website. The design and layout of a website that is accessible by a user makes its front end. What makes up the website, is the code. This code acts as a back bone. This code develops the entire website. A complete website is built on the basis of code. Most commonly the code that makes up the whole website is termed as a source code. In general, this source code is not visible. Some of the website don’t make it visible either. If you want to check anyone’s website source code, even if they had hidden it, seo tools check provides you with the tool that can fetch the website source code for u. At seo tools check, this tool has been placed, naming as Get source code of a webpage.

What is a source code?

Source code is usually an instruction of programming language. All of the web page tasks or commands are defined by it. It is the building block of web pages. The basic feature of web pages is marked in it. Most of the web pages have html source code. For avoiding the leakage of web page features some of the web owners make this file un accessible. It runs behind the web pages. All of the features of web pages can be seen by inspecting the source code. All of the web browser allows to see the source code. Hiding of this file relates to the variations in the code file. Different methods are used by which you can dis allow the users to see completely the source code of a web page. Source code padding, no right click scripts and java script encryption are some of the most commonly used methods. No matter which technique is used for hiding the source code. Our free tool can fetch the entire source code of a web page for you.

How to get code of a website?

Most commonly websites are coded by merging html with css. These two programming languages are used that makes up an entire website. Traces of some other languages are also used. For instances for making forms and linking them with the website’s database php is used along with the html. As responsive web designs are more common now, so, for making a responsive website bootstrap is mixed with html and css. A merger of these languages build up an entire responsive website. Html can be seen in most of the website’s source code. If you are fascinated by a web page design and its features and want to know how it have been built then, inspect the web page source code. To make it easy for you simply paste the website URL and click on the submit button. Our fine seo tool will fetch the entire source code for you. For making your website best in features, start getting ideas from the top sites by viewing their source code online.

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