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About Find DNS records

Want to check the dns record of your website? This free Find dns records tool, is used for this purpose. It fetches all of the information related to the website dns record. DNS records are basically the files that tells the dns server which IP address each domain is associated with. It also gives the idea of how to handle the requests that have been sent to the domains. All of this data is fetched within seconds. One of the best thing about using this Find dns records tool is that it is totally free. So, visit seo tools check and use this tool as much as you want to.

About Find dns records

Dns, most commonly known as domain name service, is used for resolving the domain names into human readable forms. Dns is also used for other important services like domain names including mail services. Dns records are used for mapping the server files. Dns records play an important role in forwarding the request sent by the user on accessing a certain website. With the help of Find dns records tool, you can get the entire information at once.

Importance of Find dns records tool

Importance of dns records can be understand by the fact that they are used for pointing a domain or sub domain to the ip address. All of the instructions of handling a request is given by the dns records. DNS records are important, yet an unseen aspect of how the internet works.  They are different types of dns records. The most common that we encounter more often are as follows:

  • A Records
  • MX Records
  • TXT Records
  • SPF Records

All of these dns records have been assigned different type and information depending on the type of records. So, apparently they differ because of their functionality and types. Let’s understand what these types actually are.

Starting from A records, A stands for address. A records are one of the most basic type of dns records. They are used for indicating the actual ip address of the domain. CNAMES records (canonical name) used for association of subdomains with the existing domain. MX records known as mail exchange records, as the name indicated used for the mail exchange servers. TXT records, lets the administrator to access the dns records and insert any text in it. SPF Records, tells about the list of authorize ip address and host names.

How to use Find dns records tool

Simply paste the url of the website for which you want to check the dns records. Within seconds all of the information will be displayed in front of you. You can also check the dns records of your competitor’s website. It displays the host name along with the class of dns records. Then, there will be the type, ttl and ip address. So, whether you are an seo expert or the website owner you can use this tool free of any payment issues. Get the most out of it by properly understanding the results.

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