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About Domain Hosting Checker

Domain hosting checker is another seo tool. This tool has been placed at seo tools check with other plenty of seo tools. Domain hosting checker has its own importance. To be more precise, for an seo expert every seo tool has its own value. These all tools provide information that could benefit the seo experts in many ways. As an addition, all of these tools are totally free. Domain hosting checker is used for checking the dns of websites. Simply by pasting the url you can get the details regarding the hosting of submitted url.

What is Domain hosting checker?

As the name describes, this tool is used for checking the domain host. It is important to keep a check on who is hosting the domain on which your website is running. This tool can also benefit those who are in the business of web services. Those who want to buy any specific domain, it is essential for them to fetch the details before buying it. Likewise, for tracing the domain host of competitor’s website Domain hosting checker can also be used. So, whether you are an seo expert or web service provider, this free tool can serve you really well.

Feature of Domain hosting checker

Before understanding the basic features of Domain hosting checker, lets comprehend what is domain and its hosting? Domain is actually a group of computer or devices working on the same network. Domain name are used to identify the ip addresses. Domain names are basically written in the url’s for identification of web pages and website’s. For instance, the url of includes seo tools check as its domain name. Along with domain names, dns (domain name system) is also used. The basic purpose of dns is to translate the domain names into the related ip address. Now, for understanding domain hosting, lets first understand what is the purpose of a host? A host is actually the one who provides a space to someone or something for staying. In the same way, domain hosting refers to the business of serving or providing space to the files of one or more websites. Like domain hosting, web hosting is also common. Web hosting services are mostly used with domain hosting. Web hosting makes the website easily accessible to the users. All of these things are really important for the website owners. Without these hosting services it is not possible to run a website.                                                                              

How to use Domain hosting checker

With its easy to use approach, anyone can use it without any trouble. Simple paste the url of website, you want to check the domain hosting of. With the in depth analysis of the entire website, Domain hosting checker tool will fetch the results. All of this process will take no longer than few seconds. Apart from telling the hosting information, this tool also tells the ip address on which this domain name is operational. So, this Domain hosting checker tool acts as a “two in one” pack.

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