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About Domain Age Checker

For owning a website, the first step is to own a domain. To register your domain name, you have to purchase it from domain registrar. After you get your registered domain then you can move further for web hosting services. With this you can completely run your own website. These domains are registered for a defined period of time, after which you have to renew it for further access. To keep your domain into your custody there is a need to stay updated about its purchased date and the expiry date. Domain age checker tool is used for this purpose. With this tool you can stay updated about your domain age without even remembering the purchased date.

Why is it necessary to check the domain age?

Domain age checker tool has made its user’s free from the worrying of remembering the purchased date of domains. Other than using this tool for knowing renewal date, this tool can also help for buying and selling of domains. Most often website owners sell their domains. For this purpose, it is essential to know all about your domain. This tool has a link to the page authority checker tool too. Oldest domains can have more experience in order to elevate their authority.

How to use Domain age checker?

To use domain age checker tool, simply paste your domain name or website URL in the box and click on the submit button. Within few seconds accurate results will be displayed in front of you. The result box will show about the exact domain age in term of years as well as months. Then comes the domain created date along with domain updated date. Last but not the least, expiry date of the domain is also mentioned by comparing it with the purchased date. So, Domain age checker tool delivers the complete and the accurate details of the provided domain names in few seconds.

Importance of Domain age checker

This tool has a lot of importance. Other than those who wants to know the expiry date of the domain for renewal purpose, this tool is also important for the domain investors. A whole business of domains is running in the market. In which domain investors purchase a domain and sell it further to the website developers. So, for them Domain age checker helps a lot in understanding the domain age and expiry. Likewise, for the marketing and advertising purposes this tool can also be a helpful partner. It lets the marketers to know about their competitors. It analyzes the competitor’s website and act as a helping hand in researching the market. So, whether you are a website owner or you are looking for buying a new website domain age checker tool can help you well in this matter. Use this tool free of any sign up procedures at seo tools check. All of the primary seo tools have been placed at a single platform for the newbies and for the seo experts too.

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