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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Dmoz listing checker is one of the most important tool for an seo expert. Every website owner wants to submit their website in Dmoz directory. If your website is listed by the dmoz then, the probability of indexing by google also increases. All of the important seo tools has been placed at a single place for the website owners. All you have to do is to visit seo tools check. This Dmoz listing checker tool can benefit the seo experts and website owners, in many ways. Website page rank value also enhances after being listed in the Dmoz website directories.

Check domain listing in ODP directory

This perfect seo tool is placed at seo tools check totally free of any cost. Dmoz listing checker tool is used for checking the status of your website. The first step for listing your website in the dmoz directory is the submission of url. Simply visit the dmoz website and choose the suitable category for your website. Under the suitable category, submit your website. After the submission, the process of listing in the dmoz directory takes time. The listing time depends on the length of websites queue. But, getting listed by the dmoz is one of the best thing for an seo expert.

Importance of Dmoz listing

Importance of Dmoz listing can be understand by the fact that the rank on serps depends on it. Once your website gets listed in the dmoz directory, your website can become the favorite one for the search engine spiders. All you need to do is to make your website up to the demands of search engines. Try to publish content on daily basis. This content should be fresh and unique for grasping the attention of the search engine bots. Similarly, the content should be catchy enough to bring a large number of traffic to your website. Google gives a lot of credit to those sites who are listed in the dmoz directory. So, for those who want to buy any specific website, they can also check it by using Dmoz listing checker. If that website is listed in dmoz directory then, you should think of buying it. As google like those sites who are listed in dmoz then, chance of securing a high google pr also increases. With these lots of advantages, Dmoz listing checker tool becomes the most favorite one.

How to use Dmoz listing checker

Using this tool is so simple that anyone can use it without any issue. Simply paste the url of website for which you want to check the Dmoz listings. After hitting the submit button, result will be displayed in front of you. The best feature about this Dmoz listing checker is that you can also use it as a bulk checker. You can add up to 100 url’s of the websites. The result box will display the dmoz status of each url separately. If any of the website is listed in the dmoz directory, the status bar will be of “listed” else it will be “non-listed”.

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