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About Class C Ip Checker

Want to find a key for revealing the secrets of website ip address? Class c ip checker can be used for this purpose. This tool can reveal all of the important aspects of your domain’s ip address. In seo, class c ip has a lot of importance. Class c ip helps in describing the behavior of website. Domain hosting depends on the ip address on which it is operating. So, for knowing whether multiple domains are operating on the class c ip address or not class c ip checker tool is used. With its latest approach, most accurate data is placed in form of result.

Bulk Class C IP Checker Tool

Website owners and seo experts can never neglect the importance of Class c ip checker tool. The basic purpose of this tool is to identify the duplication of ip address. The credibility of websites is determined by the help of ip addresses. So, ip address plays a major role in website ranking. This tool can be used for checking the credibility as well as the performance of the website. For the convenience of users, this tool has been made totally free with all of its premium features assimilated within it.

What is Class c ip address?

Ip address are used for building up the communication between the computer devices and the internet. Web domains are hosted under the ip address. Likewise, shared domain can be hosted under the same ip address. Web masters starting using a wicked approach by buying hundreds of domains. All of these domains, were hosted under the same servers and linked to the single site. These approach was refused by the search engines. Eventually, this changed the policy of search engines. The new policy stated the use of unique class c ip address instead of unique domain names. Shared domains also have a bad impact on the ranking of the web pages. If any malicious or restricted content is posted on one of the shared domains, then, it will automatically affect the other domains too. Search engine spiders will not like visiting these shared domains, having bad content on them. Search engines can easily identify the shared domains. By analyzing the first three subsets of sites, search engines can easily inspect their sharing. If the subset matches, it means that they are on the same network and under the custody of same owners. So, it is very easy for the search engine bots to check which site is working according to the policy.

How to use Class c ip checker

Simple by pasting the website url you can check the class c ip of submitted website. Within few seconds, accurate results will be displayed. The result it shows consist of the host, ip address and its class c. One of the highlighted feature of this Class c ip checker is that you can use it as a bulk checker too. It can analyze up to 400 url’s. All of the results are displayed separately for each domain.  This Class c ip checker tool falls under the category of domain tools.

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Class C Ip Checker Tool