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About Broken Links Finder

We all know the importance of internal and external links. These links are a part of on page optimization mainly content writing. But some of the time it happens that when you click on a link. Instead of taking you to a desired web page it shows the 404 error. Seo tools check has developed a tool for you known as Broken Links Finder. This tool acts as a 404 error checker. With this tool you can find broken links in website. You cannot cure an issue if you does not know the reason behind it. So, Broken Links Finder helps you to find the real issue in your website.

How to find broken links

This free Broken Links Finder reports only those hyperlinks that are broken somehow. First of all, it find links, which have been placed on the web page content. Then, validates URL. This validation step reports about the broken links and also about the operational or the non-broken links. Broken links can hurt your website’s reputation, resulting in the decrease of your website traffic.

How to check broken links

Our tool has an online site crawler that crawls on your website. This crawler checks for the broken links placed on the web pages. Then, checking the URL’s with the help of URL testing tool. Broken links leaves a bad impact on your site’s visitor. If any visitor clicks on a link and it shows the 404 error then, they will leave your site at that instance. These broken links are not good for SEO also. With these broken links you can’t optimize your web page. Ultimately, losing the page rank and page position on the serp.

What else Broken Links Finder have for you?

Well, definitely this tool is not restricted to finding broken links of your website. Some other important features have also been incorporated in this tool. URL scanner online scans completely URL’s that are used for external as well as internal linking.  Secondly, it has the site crawler tool which includes web crawler. Web crawler online crawls the entire website, brings out data about the dead URL’S. These all are the latest features that have been used within the broken link finder tool.

Old ways of dead link checker

Finding dead links and removing them was a hectic task. It requires a lot of time along with a lot of manly effort. Most web sites use more than ten web pages. Checking each of the page and finding dead URL’s on them proved out to be an uphill task. Seo tools check has made it easy for you. With the help of broken links finder it is easy for you to check the dead links within seconds. As you submit the URL of your website it begins parsing links, bookmarks and other contents included in your site. The results that it shows are of all the links that are placed within your website along with the status. If any of the link is broken the status column shows it. Helping you to recover it. So, use the free seo tool and keep an eye on your website progress.

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