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About Blacklist Lookup

In this era of internet, one of the most common threat to your website is hitting of a spam or a junk mail. These destructive bugs can prove fatal for your website. If somehow your website gets hit by a spam, then the search engines blacklist the IP address of your site. This results in the decline of traffic and visitor’s to your site. More often, high chances are there, that your site get deindexed by the search engines. Blacklist Lookup at seo tools check help you to keep check on your sites security. It check the ip of your site whether, it has been blocked or has been black list.

How to check ip blacklist?

To check whether your ip is black listed or not. You need to use certain tools. But the proper working of these tools is the basic requirement. Certain tools are operated on various sites that shows up the fake result. Blacklist Lookup checks the ip address of your website through the ip address databases. After proper analysis of these databases it delivers the most authentic data. If you have mere doubts that your ip have been blacklisted then, use this free black list lookup tool without any delay.

Other features of Blacklist Lookup

One of the most common way to drill a spam to a desired website is through spam email. These emails enters by using the comment section below your posts and blogs. Major feature of Blacklist Lookup is to verify the email though rbl. Rbl method checks and watch the ip address of the emails. If spam is related to that email, it blacklist the email. In this way, you can secure your website from those email who are used for carrying spam. From email address checker to rbl checker the blacklist lookup is a complete tool.

How to use Blacklist Lookup

For keeping the website secure and protected from spams, webmaster had to face difficulties. It was considered an uphill task. That required a lot of hard work. Seo tools check has made it a lot easier for you to watch your website’s security. It search ip for checking whether it has been blocked or not. After validating results from the ip list, comes up with the final data.

To use this tool copy your website URL and paste it on the box. Then, click on the submit button and sit back and see until it comes up with the results.

Understanding the results

When you enter the URL of your website. Blacklist Lookup analyze the results. It test ip and checks the spam. A box shows up with the results showing the domain name after checking it in the list of blacklisted domains, also, it shows the domain ip and an overall result. Generated results could be of two types. If the domain has spam then it shows blacklist or block list. On the other hand if your website is secured then the overall result will be of “listed”. So, use the free tool and keep an eye on the security of your website.

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